As you may be aware, acne is a multi-factorial inflammatory skin disease. It is a skin condition with many causative factors both external and internal. As your Holistic Skin Therapist it is my duty to educate you and to empower you towards healthy glowing skin.


Before undertaking a skin transformation journey with us, I want you to be informed about everything.

And in order to do that, I have provided you with approximate time frames and a guide as to how your journey would usually unfold. 

Once you have read this, I want you to start envisioning your skin pimple free, smooth to touch and free from redness and irritation. Because once you know that the changes are possible and you can see it in your mind, the rest will fall into place. 

Acne Skin Transformation Journey Diagram

Healing Phase:

The healing phase takes somewhere between 1 - 16 weeks although for some, this stage might not take long at all.

To move through this phase quickly, all you need to do is implement everything into your life and stay consistent as much as you can.


Generally speaking the more simple your condition overall, the easier this phase will be to move through.

Your skin may also go through an adjustment phase during this time, which usually presents as a worsening of your condition. However, you may be one of the lucky ones who skips this all together!

During this stage you will notice...

A reduction in inflammation

A reduction in diffused redness

Less irritation when cleansing and touching your skin

Breakouts will tend to heal quicker

Your skin will look and feel healthier overall

Clearing Phase:

During this clearing phase you will begin to notice a reduction in breakouts and this will usually happen somewhere between 16 - 24 weeks. 


However, if you move through the healing phase at a faster pace, you may begin this stage prior to 16 weeks.

During this stage your skin will be on a steady incline, with some weeks of completely clear skin and others where you experience a few breakouts.

The goal throughout this stage is to re-assess your acne triggers and to halt the acne cycle completely.


To move through this phase quickly, you will need to be taking notice of how your life negatively impacts your skin by reflecting constantly and keeping to a consistent regime.

During this stage you will notice...

A decline in acne breakouts

A more balanced oil flow

An improvement in the overall texture of your skin

An improvement in the colour of your skin

Again, your skill will appear healthier overall 

Refining Phase:

Some of our clients acne transformations...

Once you have completed the clearing phase and you are now relatively acne free, we get to begin the most fun stage of all - the refining phase.


This phase generally starts when you are about 24 weeks in, however like all of the other stages, this phase may also begin earlier if you have executed excellent consistency and your condition has been relatively smooth sailing.

During this stage we will be working on perfecting and refining your skin so that you can show up in the world with the healthiest version of your skin. 

During this stage you will notice...

A reduction in acne scarring

A plumping effect as your skin begins to exude health

Your skin will begin to glow naturally

Your skin colour and complexion will be the best it has ever been