Skin Treatments

Initial Skin Consultation

In this appointment you will gain clarity about your skin.

You will begin to understand what your skin is needing most and you will feel empowered about the path to healthy glowing skin.

Your journey will include extensive amounts of information to help guide you to vibrant skin (including a 40+ page Skin Report & Treatment Plan customised to YOU!!)

And most importantly, the positive skin changes that you will experience will have a direct impact on your confidence and your ability to live your best life! 

OR if you still have questions and want to personally speak with our Skin Therapist, Kathleen before committing to your skin transformation journey, please feel welcome to click 'Get in Touch' and fill in your details.


For our lovely existing clients...

 Skin Packages 

Save some dollars and give yourself the gift of some serious self care.

Back by popular demand, we are now offering 12 week skin treatment packages for all of our dedicated clients who are wanting serious results.

Our skin treatment packages are designed to be used either fortnightly or monthly over a 12 week period to guarantee you the best results possible.​

All of your pre-purchased skin treatments will be customised and bespoke to your needs on the day whilst addressing your main skin concern.​

Payment methods ​include ZipPay, ZipMoney, AfterPay, PayPal + Bank Transfer

All packages subject to T's + C's.

 Skin Treatments 

Here at Soul Awaken Skin Therapies we do things differently.

All of our skin treatments are completely bespoke and unique to your skin needs on the day.

Instead of asking you to choose from a menu of services that you are unsure about, we have made it super easy for you. Simply choose the amount of time and money you would like to invest and we will create a skin treatment that is completely customised for you and your skin transformation journey.

Skin Review 

As part of your skin transformation journey, we recommend that you book in for a Skin Review at least once every 6 weeks to keep on track of your Treatment Plan.


During this appointment our Skin Therapist, Kathleen will double cleanse your skin and perform a skin analysis. This will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about your journey and for us to update your skincare routine if needed.


We will also update your progress photos to review your progress and see the improvements that your skin is making!


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

The best thing you will ever do for your skin.​

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) aka Skin Needling is an incredible and relatively pain free skin treatment modality clinically proven to decrease the appearance of fine lines and acne scars.

Here at Soul Awaken we have invested into the best CIT device on the market today. The medical microneedling device we use is only available to Skin Therapists and Medical Practitioners.

To understand how CIT works, please click Learn More to read about the EXCEED device and watch a video demonstrating how it works. 

 Massage Treatments 

We use massage therapy to help you unwind and to feel more comfortable in your body.​

Just like our skin treatments, our massage menu has been designed with YOU in mind.  

Simply choose the amount of time and money you would like to invest and we will customise your massage unique to you! 

Our massage modalities include:

                     -     Warm Stone Therapy

                     -     Deep Tissue Therapy

                     -     Trigger Point Therapy

                     -     Aromatherapy Massage

                     -     Pregnancy Massage

                     -     Manual Lymphatic Drainage

                     -     Swedish Massage Technique

                     -     Myofascial Release Technique

                     -     Myofascial Cupping Technique

We also offer Massage Packages! Click 'Learn More' to find out.