How winter dryness is impairing your skin barrier and what you can do to keep your skin healthy.

Updated: Apr 28

I can confidently say that about 50% of you have reported to me that you are feeling the winter dryness on your skin. Some of you have reported tightness, slight irritation and others have reported a rough texture and sometimes even flaky skin. And for those of you who are healing from acne, I have noticed a slight increase in congestion too.

But did you know why?

There are three simple causes, and we can easily address them! You are always in control of your skin and I am here to simply guide you towards skin health.

Firstly, we are experiencing fast trans epidermal water loss due to the dryness in the air caused by combustion heaters and split system heating. This artificial heat literally sucks the moisture out of our skin and in turn, dries out our skins.

I would never ask you to turn down the heaters, because personally, I would simply refuse! However, we can simply combat this by using a richer moisturiser, or adding on a very thin layer of oil on top of our moisturiser or even by adding in a lipid rich tonic to our regime. Lotion N, which is a silky moisturising toner by Dermaviduals has been an all round favourite for combatting the winter dryness in the clinic this year.

Secondly, in winter, we tend to opt for hot hearty foods, with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. I am always a big fan of winter foods, however, what I have noticed is that many of us tend to lower our consumption of omega 3 rich foods when eating this way.

We tend to eat less avocados, nuts, seeds, algae, fish and eggs during this time of the year which ultimately reduces our skin barrier function and allows for moisture to be, again, lost into the atmosphere.

It's really simple, either consciously add in more omega rich foods, or opt to increase your omega 3 supplementation. A minimum dosage of omega 3 (DHA + EPA) is about 3000mg per day and for many of you, I have recommended upwards of 6000mg per day. It really just depends on your skin and also, how much omega 6 foods you are consuming in a day. If your'e not sure what omega 3 supplement to take, just simply contact me and I will send through my best recommendations via email.

Thirdly, the winter weather can be really harsh on our skin which can ultimately break down our barrier and cause dryness and irritation. Cold winter winds will do this, as well as the rain. Of course, not all of us are spending a lot of time outside, but for those of you who go on regular walks, your skin might be affected by this.

Just as I mentioned in my first point, you simply need a little extra hydration on your skin! My favourite skincare product for this is Oleogel Plus, which is a lipid rich gel that has a variety of different uses, but most importantly, it forms a fake barrier on your skin and keeps the moisture locked in when you apply a very thin layer over the top of your moisturiser.

Bonus tips...

As your Holistic Skin Therapist, I always have a few extra tips up my sleeve! Here are some alternative methods of keeping your skin plump, hydrated and healthy this winter.

Spend time in hot humid places to increase to encourage sweating and to absorb water into your skin! I mean, who doesn't love feeling super warm in winter? I have personally been loving Hot Yoga this winter and I have noticed a profound difference in my skin since attending regular classes. If your'e not up for the exercise, you could always look into purchasing a package of Infrared Sauna sessions at a variety of different wellness centres.

Regularly pamper your skin with hydrating facial masks to quench your skin thirst and achieve a variety of other benefits. There are so many different types of hydrating masks out there and your perfect mask is waiting for you.

If you have acne, I would suggest a clay masked mix with a nourishing skin oil like jojoba, I can personally make this up for you in the clinic if you request, just simply let me know if you would your very own customised mask.

Alternatively, if you have dry irritated skin, you could try the epi-nouvelle mask which is anti-inflammatory and most importantly extremely hydrating for your skin! Again, just simply ask me in clinic or log in to our exclusive client only online store to purchase your mask today.

Change up your'e pillowcases to something less absorbent during winter such as satin or silk, rather than cotton and flannelette fibres. You spend about 8 hours every night with your face on your pillow, which is a substantial amount of time.

If you can simply swap out your pillow case to something thinner, you can prevent your skincare from being so easily absorbed during your sleep. Plus, satin and silk are way better for your hair, they leave less creases on your skin and they generally feel much more luxurious.

Protect your skin while you shower or bathe by changing up your cleansing routine slightly. If you are using the Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk then this will be very easy for you, just simply apply your creamy cleanser to your skin, with dry hands onto your dry makeup free skin and leave it there for the duration of your shower/bath and then remove it with a face towel at the end. By leaving this product on your skin you are preventing your skin from being dried out because of the physical layer moisture you have applied to it.

If you don't have a creamy cleanser, then you could use an oil on your skin, but just make sure to cleanse it off at the end of your shower. If you are using a foaming face wash during winter and you have noticed dryness on your skin, then it is probably a good idea to swap to a more hydrating cleanser such as the Cleansing Milk mentioned above.

I hope you have loved my winter dryness tips and that you give some of them a go!

I am always thrilled to hear from you, especially when you follow my advice.

I hope this has been helpful for you Souls, please reach out if you have any questions and I will be happy to help. Email is always my best contact unless you have signed up for Soul Support, which is a premium skin support service that I offer my clients.

Sending you so much love and warmth this winter.

With love + gratitude

Kathleen x

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