Committed to Ethical + Sustainable Practices

Just as we care for our people, we also care for the environment and our furry friends too. We promise to actively participate in environmentally sustainable practices and to never support a company that tests on animals. We have chosen to be as sustainable as possible whilst also considering safe health practices within our clinic.

This means that we are chose reusable products over one-time use products where ever possible, we are moving towards being paperless, we chose natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products and we currently source our food products from the Source Bulk Foods Glenelg in conjunction with reusable jars. 

Our owner personally supports the vegan movement and has a preference for vegan foods, products and lifestyle practices. She has chosen to accomodate to vegans by providing vegan snacks, vegan friendly treatments and products within Soul Awaken Skin Therapies.​

Kathleen is completely transparent and would like to inform you that 99% of the clinic is vegan friendly. The only non vegan product is the Dermaviduals Lip Repair lip balm containing Beeswax. All of the Dermaviduals skin care products are not tested on animals and are free from animal ingredients (minus the lip balm).

We are very accommodating to all human beings and support all human right movements. We are accepting and accommodating to the LGBTQ community and all schools of belief or religion.