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Regain skin health +
restore your confidence

At Soul Awaken Skin Therapies we take a holistic approach to skin which means that we treat you as a whole person.
We specialise in skin transformations and take all of our clients down a unique journey towards
skin health, self empowerment and inner peace.

When you visit us, you can expect to feel empowered about your skin as we teach you everything you need to know in regards to getting you the results you desire.
You will leave our clinic feeling refreshed, relaxed and with a new sense of well being.
We look forward to welcoming you into our space of healing and relaxation.
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If so, you are in safe hands and you have come to the right place! 

Our Skin Therapist, Kathleen, specialises in treating acne using holistic and natural methods.

We use a Corneotherapautic approach, which means our core principle is to repair and maintain the skin barrier defence systems throughout your skin transformation journey to bring your skin back to health.

The skincare that we use is Medical Grade and ONLY available via professional prescription. This allows Kathleen to use highly active ingredients to treat your skin and more importantly use a product line free of nasties! To learn more about the skincare products we use click here.

When we take our clients on a skin transformation journey, we not only help to treat and transform your skin condition, we take you on a wellness journey that will set you FREE to live your happiest and healthiest life! 

If you are looking to embark on a journey towards healthy, glowing skin we would love to welcome you into our space of healing and relaxation.


What Our Client's Say...

I couldn’t thank the lovely Kat enough for her time, beautiful caring energy and putting my skin on the road to recovery! I’ve had terrible skin since I was a teenager and tried every cream, cleanser, potion and medication under the sun with limited or temporary results. Kat’s experience, knowledge and a caring listening ear already has me seeing amazing results.